Saturday 11th April 2015 - Married for 1911 days

Wedding Party Profiles

Read our fun profiles of Family & Friends - a great way to meet the folks before everyone is in residence. As our guests confirm their attendance, their profiles will be added here. Watch this space.

Team Olveston
Enjoying each and every milestone together

Jody 'Bigdog' Daddy Gale
Jody 'Bigdog' Daddy GaleOfficial job title "Pooh Picker & Fixer'
Ruth "Mummy' Baker
Ruth Official job title 'Scrubber'
Erin Bobbi Baker
Erin Bobbi BakerChief everything :-)
Jesse Gale (Super Snail)
Jesse Gale (Super Snail)Official Job - to ride the WHOLE of Ash Barton

Our Witnesses
From citizens advice - After the ceremony, the marriage register is signed by both partners. Two witnesses, who must be over 16, must also sign at the time of the marriage. Witnesses must understand the language of the ceremony and have the mental capacity to understand the nature of the ceremony.

Samantha & Leanne
Samantha & LeanneUmmm

Confirmed Guests
Check out the profiles of the guests who will be joining us at Ash Barton!

Nicola & Ant
Nicola & Ant
Matt & Jess
Matt & JessDrift rod can park next to T4
Zoe & Spidey
Zoe & SpideyI apologise now to all our guests on behalf of Zoe Joyner
The Wedlocks
The WedlocksThe newly weds are joining Team O before embarking on their honeymoon adventure!
Ben & Emily
Ben & Emily
The Lanes
The LanesFresh from the birthday party of the year, no Coxy not yours!
The Mother & Father of the Bride
The Mother & Father of the Bride Looking forward to spending a lovely weekend together
The Winter-Neals
The Winter-NealsThe best WI member ever! Thanks for the getting the sewing machine out, a sentence I never thought I'd be saying to you!!
The Gale Family
The Gale FamilyFather of the Groom and his beautiful family, It's going to be a RAD weekend, we know your as excited as Team O!
Alan & Eileen
Alan & Eileen Easter Bonnet making is on our kids itinerary, I bet Eileen won't be able to help herself and puts all to shame!
The Cox Family
The Cox Family Your the photographer and you send me an upside down picture!
Jamie & Gemma
Jamie & Gemma
Marian & Bob
Marian & BobIf Mar remembers?! Xxxxx
Sue & Alan
Sue & AlanAlready planning the party games!
Sonia & James
Sonia & JamesBring your bikes and wet suits!
David & Wyn
David & WynJoining us all the way from Southampton! You won't believe how big Jesse is x
Ben & Rose
Ben & RoseIf Ben can still walk after the two wheel stag weekend!
Martyn & Stephanie
Martyn & Stephanie Pearl Jam is on the play list!
Ben & Emily
Ben & Emily
Graeme & Nicci
Graeme & Nicci
Mother of the Groom
Mother of the Groom The track is just wide enough for the trike Jesse said! Looking forward to a great weekend at the Manor with you
Chris & Clare
Chris & Clare Sorry Chris no fishing at Ash Barton! although there is a lake ..
Simon & Llinos
Simon & LlinosLooking forward to hearing about your China trip
The Powell Family
The Powell FamilySo close to being our first set of happy campers!
The Burnell Family
The Burnell FamilyIll order you in a chicken and mushroom pot noodle chick!
Andy Bowles
Andy Bowles
Dan & Inma
Dan & Inma Super stoked you can make it, our furthest travelled guests to join us in Devon. Please remember the Spanish sun and no tan allowed!
Zaffiro & Barnes family
Zaffiro & Barnes familyIntroducing the youngest guest OG Zaffiro