Saturday 11th April 2015 - Married for 1911 days

Photo Gallery

After the wedding, our guests will be able to upload all their best photos to our shared online album.

Help us create a fantastic memory of our time at Ash Barton, as seen through the eyes of our guests - a truly unique and special album.

Photo Albums for Jody and Ruth 's Wedding

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Alan & Eileen
Uploaded by Eileen and Alan Lloyd
28 photos
Created on 17th April 2015
Updated on 17th April 2015

PinHole type Pics (and a few non-PinHoles)
Uploaded by and Ant, Nicola
36 photos
Created on 2nd May 2015
Updated on 4th May 2015

Uploaded by Jody and Ruth
142 photos
Created on 3rd May 2015
Updated on 3rd May 2015

The Beautiful Ash Barton
Uploaded by Lindsey & Bob
21 photos
Created on 20th April 2015
Updated on 20th April 2015

Team Olveston, the big day!!
Uploaded by Jody and Ruth , Dairy Cottage Cake Designs, LEA,
133 photos
Created on 12th April 2015
Updated on 10th May 2015

Fins (Chris) Album
Uploaded by Chris \"Fin\" Gethin
76 photos
Created on 12th April 2015
Updated on 12th April 2015