Saturday 11th April 2015 - Married for 1911 days

About Us


Jody Ruth on Jody -

In 3 words..

An Amazing Dad
Big Dog

You knew Jody was the one when ...

He made my life become fun. He taught Erin to ride her bike, and we became a Team.

Why I keep Jody around ...

He's a great fixer and he makes me happy. We laugh. I look forward to each and every adventure I have with my best friend.

Team O forever x


Ruth Jody on Ruth -

In 3 words..


You knew Ruth was the one when ...

She was my first love when I was 17...she dumped me, but I knew one day we would get back togther and grow old together.

Why I keep Ruth around...

She makes me smile. Every day my love for Ruth grows bigger and bigger. She completes me and I feel incredibly lucky to be marrying her.

How they met...

They met in 1994 when Jody skipped class to meet up with his friends at Brunel College, Ruth was studying Illustration alongside Jodys mates.
They dated, camped in Croyde, Jody broke his arm, Ruth broke his heart, and they lost contact.

In 2009 a facebook message was the start of a new beginning, and Team Olveston was born.

The proposal...

In October 2012 Jody asked Ruth to grow old together with him.
Have you seen the diamond, how could she refuse?